Salam & hi y'all

After all those frustated thingy...I kinda found my therapy which is hehehehe posting my nephew's photos.

Hope you enjoy it.....(^_^)

walaupun tengah makan tapi bila nampak camera...hehehe

masih lagi jual mahal disini kononnya hehehe

nah kluar sudah aksi mo grab my camera hehehe

my nephew...
Salam and hi y'all

I came across this quote when I visited Nini Ahmad's blog

A wise man said,
“If you are not happy about something, try to change it yourself.
If you can’t, change your attitude – STOP COMPLAINING”

Yesterday I felt miserable and frustated with my tomodachis. After consulting the officer and apologized , still I can feel that he was very upset. I can't help much except feeling guilty, miserable, frustated and tired. So tired of maintaining the good reputation, the relationship, the connection and everything.

But don't get me wrong , it's nothing to do with my relationship with Asuk hehehe...still going on and on .

So ... back to the quote, I was not happy with what happened and already tried my best to solve it but I failed. The only solution is I change my attitude and I don't care what others will say because I am done with it.

I said to my dearest friend, we've already tried and we failed, never mind we just follow what we think best for both of us.