Salam and hi y'all

I came across this quote when I visited Nini Ahmad's blog

A wise man said,
“If you are not happy about something, try to change it yourself.
If you can’t, change your attitude – STOP COMPLAINING”

Yesterday I felt miserable and frustated with my tomodachis. After consulting the officer and apologized , still I can feel that he was very upset. I can't help much except feeling guilty, miserable, frustated and tired. So tired of maintaining the good reputation, the relationship, the connection and everything.

But don't get me wrong , it's nothing to do with my relationship with Asuk hehehe...still going on and on .

So ... back to the quote, I was not happy with what happened and already tried my best to solve it but I failed. The only solution is I change my attitude and I don't care what others will say because I am done with it.

I said to my dearest friend, we've already tried and we failed, never mind we just follow what we think best for both of us.


love the quote too...
pedulikan apa org fikir, janji kerja kita siap ikut kemampuan kita...

Kniedaz - yup (^_^)