Bye Bye Aminah...
We gonna miss you AMINAH!!!!

Aminah and Anne

Bujang and Rahma aka Pearl

hehehe Bujang and Mukti

L - R: Aminah, Anne, Paul, Ken, Rose and Rahma aka Pearl

Syuhaime and hehehe Prof. Saleem, my boss (seated)

Wishing you all the best!!
Balance sheet of life - Accountant Poem
Just wanted to share with y'all....

Our Birth is our Opening Balance!
Our Death is our Closing Balance!
Our Prejudiced Views are our Liabilities
Our Creative Ideas are our Assets FunAndFunOnly  (

Heart is our Current Asset
Soul is our Fixed Asset
Brain is our Fixed Deposit
Thinking is our Current Account FunAndFunOnly (

Achievements are our Capital
Character & Morals, our Stock-in-Trade
Friends are our General Reserves
Values & Behaviour are our Goodwill FunAndFunOnly ( Patience is our Interest Earned
Love is our Dividend
Children are our Bonus Issues
Education is Brands / Patents FunAndFunOnly (

Knowledge is our Investment
Experience is our Premium Account FunAndFunOnly (
The Aim is to Tally the Balance Sheet Accurately.
The Goal is to get the Best Presented Accounts Award.

Some very Good and Very bad things
The most destructive habit -> Worry
The greatest Joy -> Giving
The greatest loss -> Loss of self-respect FunAndFunOnly  (

The most satisfying work -> Helping others
The ugliest personality trait -> Selfishness FunAndFunOnly (
The most endangered species -> Dedicated leaders
Our greatest natural resource -> Our youth

The greatest 'shot in the arm' -> Encouragement
The greatest problem to overcome -> Fear FunAndFunOnly (
The most effective sleeping pill -> Peace of mind
The most crippling failure disease -> Excuses

The most powerful force in life -> Love
The most dangerous act -> A gossipFunAndFunOnly (
The world's most incredible computer -> The brain
The worst thing to be without -> Hope

The deadliest weapon -> The tongue
The two most power-filled words -> 'I Can'
The greatest asset -> Faith FunAndFunOnly (
The most worthless emotion -> Self- pity

The most beautiful attire -> SMILE!
The most prized possession -> Integrity FunAndFunOnly (
The most powerful channel of communication -> Prayer
The most contagious spirit -> Enthusiasm

Life ends; when you stop Dreaming,
Hope ends; when you stop Believing,
Love ends; when you stop Caring,
And Friendship ends; when you stop Sharing...!!!
Salam and hi y'all!

Been away from blogging (hehehe not that far lah) for few days and my mind become as blank as a piece of white A4 paper. Not that I'm totally out of ideas or photos but......see I even don't know how to explain it to pathetic!

Probably .... still in the mood of HOLIDAY I guessed since I didn't take any extra leave after CNY as I want it sooooo badly (my annual leave is very precious for the time being so have to plan it no no I'm not getting married...yet :p .... okay!)

Tomorrow ... a small farewell party for our staff, Aminah, who will leaving us and start new day at QEH. As always, I've been asked to buy something for farewell gift and I don't have any good idea. Called Asuk for his opinion since he's expert on this (sila lah kembang) and pot pet pot pet...end up with hehehe dragging him for gift hunting this afternoon.

Hahaha.....okay got to go now.... (^_^)
Wishing all my friends



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:minimo_20: I've tagged by Gisele, been a while not been tag by anyone hahaha so here goes:

This are the guidelines

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1. I love cooking (^_^). obvious cause you can find it in my blog hehehhe. I've only know how to cook very late, kinda embarrassing thou, in the age of 17 becoming to 18. My first dishes were fried eggs and rice. The first attempt was not so good but since I'm the only daughter in the family... my mom forced me to learn cooking!!!! Not that I a good cooker but I can cook whatever I want and still learning to make it perfect.

2. I love reading. Eventhough I don't have huge collection of books but I treasured it all. I can read books whole day doing nothing hahaha very bad huh!

3. I'm allergic to seafood but usually I broke the rules :puteh_1: by eating those tempting seafood and ended scratching all over my body.

4. I love coffee and can't live without it (sound pathetic) but due to my new healthy diet ( I guess), I have to reduce my lovely coffee....oh no!!!

5. I'm trying to loose my weight since it only inches to OBESITY .....:minimo_34:

6. I'm a part-time student and this new semester, I will do my very best, no more last minute preparation since my last semester's result was very bad but glad it still in 3.

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Buli Ba Kalau Kau

:minimo_05:yay....finally my BBKK t-shirt arrived today!

Please ignore the messy desk:minimo_20:

hehehe can ba if you:littlegirl1:

Thanks Alvin & Andy!
Tamu@Kota Belud
Went to tamu or sunday market last week with my mom and bro. Hehehe and the rest ... enjoy the pics (so malas to put captions).