My Obsession - KBS World
Assalamualaikum wbt.

Yes....hari bermalas-malasan di rumah sedangkan orang lain bekerja dihari Jumaat yang mulia ini hehee.  

Tengok saja tajuk sudah tahu's not only me but most of you out there, yeah I'm so obsessed with KBS World, nasib saja belum lagi upgrade ke astro b*yond hahahaha otherwise memang channel itu sajalah yang dibuka everyday.  Nasib baik saja lah kan....hahaha

Ketepikan lah tu drama korea yang berlambak but apa yang buat saya melekat di channel 391 ni adalah program Screening Humanity. Have you seen it? 

Picture taken from Mr. Google.

"Screening Humanity" is a new kind of documentary that is a continuous series of thirty-minute episodes and is different from 60-minute documentaries that end with a final conclusion. Different from the cold viewpoint of the camera that follows the serene everyday life of the main characters, the view in the camera lens is like an episode of a drama. “Screening Humanity” is the view through a microscope. The lens captures the everyday life of our surroundings and presents the people’s story.
Synopsis taken from here.

Being the drama queen kan, shedding tears mesti ada punya lah.  Wonder if our very own local production can produce this kind of documentary?  Sadly, no. 

And then ada lagi satu program which is Love in Asia.  Ini pun best juga hehehe.

Picture taken from Mr. Google

There are over one million foreigners living in Korea. Despite their different ethnicity and a language barrier, they live as immigrant workers or spouses to a Korean citizen. From a love story of a foreign immigrant who married a Korean spouse, to a story of a foreign worker who came all the way to Korea in pursuit of dream! "Love in Asia" unfolds various stories that will touch your heart. The program raises awareness of our foreign neighbors and reflects on the true meaning of family. It links between people and countries, connects Korea and Asia.

Synopsis taken from here.

Bah itu saja untuk kali ini...mau mengemas rumah dulu....senaman di bulan Ramadhan hehehe makin bersemangat untuk mengurangkan berat badan.


Oh yes.. my fav too.. aya lama tidak tingu, thank you for reminding me.. dulu i watch how the old man taking care of her wife yg pelupa...something like that... ^_^

Best kan ... hehehe bah this week punya cerita pun best pasal nenek umur 91 thn suka diving cari kelp & oyster...