Vege Soup
It's cooking time! Wah ... it's been a while I've not posted any cooking entry, ketara lah bah malas mau masak . Anyway this was taken last week ... nothing fancy just simple vege soup using all the ingredient that available on that time.

mushroom, baby corn, large onion, chicken stock, herbs and olive oil

just wanna show off my new pot hahaha

tada...done but I put too much chicken stock


link exchanged!
put us too.
even better if u put our logo,your link will be in the top category instead of just blogging buddy.
thank you.

letak suhun mesti lagik best..nyuumm..

jadi???? masin lah??? sedap lah....I suka baby menu mau taruh baby corn lah... ^_^

Ungku Nor: Iya kak memang sedap kalau ada suhun tp malangnya masa tu tiada hehehee

Cath: indak juga masin lah tp tu byk pulak oil dr chicken stock tu naik p surface LOL menambahkan lunoks kakakka