Treng teng teng.....May is here (padahal sudah pun bulan 5) and Mother's Day is just a clock away hehehhee. Deana is having giveaway for this coming Mother's Day and me as usual just try my luck. Okay....where should I start......hmmmmm....mmmmm

I can't remember exactly when my first visit to Deana's blog ( yalah bloghop kan...) and immediately fall in love with all her creations. The cakes and cuppies are soooooo adorable and barely untouchable .... yeah right .... the moment you have it....nyum nyum nyum....all gone to the lucky stomach hehehehe.

My first Deana's cuppies was last year's Mother's almost a year now! Then...more cuppies and cakes from Deana's hehehehe. It's like heaven .... yeah lah with all the tempting cuppies and cakes with cute deco, just name it....(^_^) habis rosak my diet lah hehehehe.

Hahaha still remember that day when I was so stressed and very very very stressed.....I just ignored everybody and began my therapy with exploring Deana's blog hahahhaaha. It really work for me lah...dunno with others and am still doing it.

Thank you Deana ..... for creating wonderful cakes and cuppiesss and the blog tooo (^_^)