Cup Cakes
Sekarang ni semua orang order cup cakes for occasions, tidak kiralah small, big or just for family tea time hehehee termasuklah bah sia ni. Deana's cup cakes are wonderful hehehe and ordered for the first time during the Mother's Day, specially for my mom and si asuk punya mummy. My mom was like you know "crying" (she always like this...ya ya me oso lah juga jadi berair tu mata-drama queen heehhehe), I was so happy cause she liked it. Yang berabis makan those devils lah...begaya betul hehehhee.

Got new qoutation from Deana last month or somewhere this month, I felt like jumping over the moon hahahha terlebih expression o kan. Checking my calendar for special occasions and....omigod sia over-excited sebab mau order bah....this august for my dear friend Jane yang mo konvo, september for hari raya (mau minta puji dulu hahahhaa) and for my dear asuk's birthday which is in december....ada lagi but still thinking lah ...

Bah sia mo p lunch dulu....nanti sambung petang.