My weekend
Good morning monday!

Wah bersemangat betul sia pagi ni, heheheh bah mestilah bah kan bersemangat barulah okie ja semua kerja.

Last week was the first week of our classes. How do I put this one...hmmm, on saturday no lecture because teda lecturer datang and on sunday pulak, we have the 6 hours lecture on CP, which combined 2 classes, luckily our dear lecturer ended the lecture early lah ... gila ko mo kuliah 6 jam...matai kudasai lah.

I have a-very-tight weekend hehehehe berfoya-foya ja sia bah...well got some picture so enjoy lah...

Taken from 2nd floor - cloudy saturday morning

Also this one - nampak 1 Borneo punya building? hehehhe

Me and Ching - on our mission finding the clueless lecture

Sempat lagi bah....

the guys melepak setelah kepenatan menunggu hehehee

Sis Alinah (white shirt)... yang dua urang tu..i dunno wat 2 say lah hehehe

hehehe Siti D and Vee

will continue part 2....