So productive!
Me being so productive today hehehe ... opsss ... no been productive since two days ago (mostly in the morning lah, petang me lugai2 (goyang kaki) ja teda kerja mo buat macam makan gaji buta lah pulak kan). Yeah...not much to do on such an early year hehehe.

This morning me and Mukti went to Chancellory to collect poster, calendar and diary and also sent bunch of the assessment form to HR office. I guessed the 5S really affected me, everything done in order hehehe so that's why me boleh beriang ria di petang hari hahahahha.

Calendars and diaries for academic staffs, others already distributed.

hehehe siap me kasi label lagi kan hahahaa

This is mine

The diary

My bestest friend - black coffee

hehehe very black oo kan (kalah kupi o kaw kaw hehehe jan marah aa Greg)


chantiquenyaaa itu ums diari!!! jeles ni..Bilalah daku bakal mjadi warga tetap UMS ni?? huhuuu cam xde jodoh jee!! waaaarghh jeles2000x!!

e-eh kalendar la, can i get one?

hey hey hey! RA ndak dapat ke???...