Yeah...I've read the RD Jan 09 issue and the most interesting hehehe like what I said yesterday the 105 BEST DIET TIPS....EVER!

Overall...those written are the things that we can do but depends on us whether we want to do it or not. I can't share it all to you (nanti kana ban pulak blog sia...matailah) so I just quot the best and if your want to know more...go buy RD!

Do something every day and it quickly becomes second nature. It makes sense, then, to ick the most effective tactics to make part of our lives. So what are they?

1. Take 10, 000 steps a day (larat kah?...belum lagi sampai 20 sudah semput ) :minimo_26:
2. Eat breakfast without fail (memang selalu tertinggal...):minimo_11:
3. Never skip meals (hehehe mmg ndak tinggal pon terlebih adalah):minimo_32:

4. Savour each bit/don't eat while doing something else :littlegirl1:
5. Stop eating before you are full :minimo_03:
6. East slowly/put your fork down between bites:littlegirl1:
7. Enjoy your favourite foods in moderation:minimo_28:
8. Avoid shopping on an empty stomach:minimo_08:

9. Target easy wins - eg have a diet soft drink instead of a regular one
10. Keep to a shopping list:minimo_40:
11. Have five small healthy meals a day instead of three large ones:littlegirl1:
12. Keep a sense of humour:minimo_20:(this one is very easy hehehe)

13. Always leave something on your plate.:minimo_18:
14. East with cutlery, not your fingers:crab1: (finger licking good hehehe patut pun sa gundut)

15. Get most of your calories before noon:puteh_1: (no more supper aiyooo)

Bah itu saja buat kali ini...sepa2 yang ada goood idea tu share2 lah kan...:puteh_6: GANBATTE


mcm senanggggggg je kalau baca...heheehhehe

iya...membuatnya macam banyak ja alasan kan heehehhehee