Family Photo - Special Hari Raya Edition
Salam and hi y'all (^_^)

Soon Ramadhan will come in mid August and then come along the Syawal in mid September.  Can't hardly wait for both months to come.....the excitement is lingering hehehehe puasa belum berganti semua lagi tau....awal-awal lagi mau bergumbira hahahahaha...

Every 1st Syawal, me and my familia will go to the first photo studio in my hometown purposely for Hari Raya's family photo.  Can't remember when it started but I only managed to get three photos only since some of it been enlarged and framed .... tak kuasa mak nyah nak buka frame gambar ni hahahaha...

I love this photo the most hahaha bukan sebab gambar ni I looked slimmer but the backgroud sangat lah sesuai compared to the other photos.  Ya ya ya masih slim lagi sini .... I guessed my weight was 48kg at this time lah...

Dunno lah why ada tu mark....probably kena air or something else...very orangy lah and my make up pun very dull.

This was taken in 2008 ... added new family members hehehe my SIL and ya me sudah gumuk hahahha and why am I wearing the spectackle???? Hilang keayuan doiiiii this year ndak mau pakai....bidak (hodoh) betul.

Last year we didn't take any cause my bro celebrated Syawal with his inlaws @ Sarawak.  This year definitely gonna be fun cause my nephew is joining us hahahaha havoc lah tu nanti but he likes camera....huh sungguh minta puji lah tu pose dia hahahaha.

So ... how's yours?  hehehhee


mana sudah 2010 punya?? ^_^

hehehe belum lagi Cath, tunggu lepas raya hahahaha