World Oceans Day - 8th June 2010
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Oceans of Life

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Each of us relies on a healthy ocean with a rich diversity of life to provide most of the oxygen we breathe, much of the food we eat, as well as medicines and other essentials that we need to survive. The greater the diversity of life in the ocean, the better job the ocean can do in helping maintain the planet’s normal climate conditions.

Seas the Day!  What kind of ocean do you want to leave for your children and grandchildren? By modifying simple things we do every day, we can positively impact the future of our world ocean. We can all help motivate people to take conservation action, and together, we can make a real difference!

Here are just a few ways we can do our part to protect our blue planet:   
The Seven C's for Ocean Conservation:
Commit to making a real difference
Aim to be carbon neutral this year by reducing your energy consumption and offsetting the rest.  

Conserve in your home
Upgrade to “greener” appliances and install compact fluorescent light bulbs.
Consume consciously
Rethink what you “need”, purchase “green” products, and buy locally grown foods and sustainable seafood.

Communicate your interests and concerns
Share your concerns about a healthy ocean with your friends, family, colleagues, and the local media.

Challenge yourself daily
It’s not always easy but try to walk, bike, carpool, and take public transportation to cut down your coral-reef harming carbon emissions.

Connect in your community
Meet new friends and make a difference by getting active as a volunteer with a local watershed or ocean group.

Celebrate our ocean!
Take part in a World Oceans Day activity near you or plan your own for June 8th.

Find more information and inspiration at: and  

Celebrate World Oceans Day on June 8th!

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