The snail he lives in his hard round house,
In the orchard, under the tree:
Says he, "I have but a single room;
But it's large enough for me."

The snail in his little house doth dwell
All the week from end to end,
You're at home, Master Snail; that's all very well.
But you never receive a friend.

Tiba-tiba gambar siput babi pulak yang kluar kan hehehe.  I found this lil fella when I was arrived at the office last saturday after my last lecture this semester ( more lectures after this hehehe).  He tried very hard to climb the concrete brick but I guessed snail is just a snail hehehe slow slow tobpinai.

hahaha sengaja lagi kasi besar tu

Wheather nowadays unpredictable betul.....ku sangka panas sampai ke petang rupanya hujan juga di petang hari.

sang mentari telah menyembunyikan dirinya

Itu ja lah untuk kali ni .... sekian dan terima kasih.