Dewi's Big Day
Last two weeks we celebrated my cousin, Dewi's big day started with solemnization on friday afternoon then the reception on sunday. It was fun, tiring and also lot of foods hehehe but I still keep my diet on track ya hehehhe. Here some of pictures during the big day and my dear Dewi, I do hope you and Jojo will always be together and may Allah bless both of you.

The hantarans

We did all the hantarans' decorations the night before the solemnization hahaha it was really fun, lots of laugh, teasing with each other especially aunt Suzie hehehe she's really good in entertaining guests. Sorry guys no pics taken during the solemnization cause me myself busy here and there.

Reception @ MAKSAK Hall

Iris, one of the flower girls

Nana and JJ

Pictures below were taken from Dewi's FB hehehe sorry mandaks hehehe.

The bersanding

with Dewi's family...I love this shoot (^_^)

these are us!

The "drama" hehehe, it was unexpected tears hehehe but my mom started the "drama" and I'm so touched when my mom and Dewi hugged and tears just in between....cannot tahan okay... You see, I don't have any sister as I'm the only daughter in my family so at this moment it kind of sisters moment for me lah to let her go hehehe alamak terlebih sudah!

Another part of the "drama" but I love it!

Picture below taken by Fara, Dewi's sister. Both of my brothers were not in the picture, Mokhdas and family left early and the other one, Rudy, still in his orientation at Maktab Tawau.

I'm so gendut here hehehe

Last but not least, me and mom with Dewi.



lawanya tuh hantaran... ya lo, kdg2 bikin sedih jg ni klu ada cousin2 yg kawin kan, especially yg rapat.

**p/s: sm la kt, nda pernah rasa ada adik perempuan or kakak yg kawin.. nda sabar mo tgu my sister in-law kawin... sapa dulu, adik ka c cina ka?? hehehee

Lawa pengantin... yg duduk kat kaki pelamin tu pun lawa.. ^_^

Kimora, sebak aku tingu ko nangis. Huuhuu.... :(

Rahma - yup

Cath - hahahaha punya gumuk sa sana, mimang mo kena kasi turun lah ni...

Chinadoll - ya bah Mi, sebak ja rasanya time tu, even now pun kalo tgk balik mimang cam mo berair ja mata ...

hahaha... ada gambar emo kita di sini pulak..:)

itulah bah terlampau complicated & banyak drama jugak tu family... time kena peluk tu terus aku ter let go emotion...thanks kazen.. alamak ter-emo sudah aku balik.

Dewi -'s okay and it is good for us to let go the "emotions", ndak bagus utk kesihatan hehehe