Site Visit 3
Went for site visit yesterday and today ( two days in a row? hehehe). For now is only installing the tiles for maid's room, kitchen, toilet and front hall.

Kitchen is almost finished and they will start the front hall tomorrow I guess.

The maid's room

The tiles hehehe

Still messy

Messy some more...

Kitchen's floor......wanted to put the kitchen's picture but Asuk said if I put it now, no more surprises hahaha so later peeps

Huh! Bad neighbour...

Last but not least....gambar kaki si Asuk LOL

2 comments: nyer ada rumah menghias...pening pun ada..hihihii

Iya bah moiii...tadi petang pun me drag si Asuk pi cari electrical appliances sbb mo kasi match dengan kitchen cabinet...

Too many choices but we have small budget since half of $$$ gone for renovation adeeeh tight budget lah kiranya.