My new c/lenses
Salam and hi y'all

Received my lenses today from Missy Gorgeous and tada.....

this one is suitable for the cat eyes hehehe

I love it...naturale (^_^)

I must thank Cath ... she's the one who introduce me to Missy and I can't hardly wait for batch 12 to open hehehe. So ... gurls place your order at Missy and you'll love it as much as I do.


Yeyeyeye... I can't wait you wear it!!

Beware every oneeee!!!! KIMORA with her gorgeous eyess!!!!

Eh terang pula mata u di photo...aku ambil photo balik2 nda menjadi... nda nampak tu warna... T_T

Cath: Iya bah...bikin tempted ni lense...

ooo cuba ko guna tu soft snap, kasi force tu flash (kakaka) and zoom a little bit then u got the pictures just like me

berabis sa ambil tu balik2 to get the good shot ... mau beli lagi yang black one tu hahaha kasi besar tu mata LOL