Every monday at 8 pm, me and Dr. Annita will be at Mukai sensei's house to learn japanese language from his wife, Yoshie sensei. But tonight was slightly different because I was the sensei hahaha no lah, I'm just showing Yoshie sensei how to make simple nasi lemak.

She likes nasi lemak but mostly the sambal is hot and spicy. So we skipped our lesson tonight and it's cooking time!

To my dear FuiFui...sorry darling, I forgot to take picture during the masak-masak but I'll make another post especially for you together with the complete recipe (I'll promise hehehe).

There were fifth of us, and pictures below were what we have for this small makan-makan time hehehe, me, Dr. Annita, Mukai sensei, Yoshie sensei and Hideo sensei.

Waiting for the rice cook

We have variety of chickens (all from Desa hokey), veggies, sambal, fried anchovies and fruits.

I'm glad they loved the nasi lemak especially Mukai sensei. He even said that we must do this makan-makan time once a month hehehe. Since they not into the hot and spicy except for Hideo sensei, I just made the sambal sweet and sour instead.

I've been thinking of tuhau hahaha...not sure whether they will stand the smell but no lah, probably other simple sabahan dish for next makan-makan time!

ps: Mukai sensei asked me to bring Asuk for the next makan-makan time hahaha.


Meriahnya makan-makan itu....


Ixora: yup memang meriah hehehe

Wah.......I Like....I want...

Ko memang hebattt!!