Salam and Hi y'all (^_^)

What a lovely day yesterday hehehe of course lah it's public holiday and also the day for "bermalas-malasan". Yeah...woke up late and enjoy my black coffee while enjoying my "bermalas-malasan" day.

Actually I've planned something but I changed my mind....sound pathetic but being 'keras kepala" so I just stay at home.....ALONEEEE!

Tried to do this and that but I'm bored to death and then I remembered that I've borrowed Juma's cd of Korean drama last week. Didn't have time to watch it before since too busy with some other things.

Okay....sit properly, both pillows on my right and left side, box of tissue (just incase ada part sedih), bottle of water and bring it on baby hehehe eksen ja lebih.

Play cd no. 1...2...3..4..5..6..7 oh Jin Heon sarang heyo ... i love you ...wo ai ni ....melebih-lebih pulak aku kan tapi Jin Heon is so handsome and cute aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh (sila abaikan keperasanan si kimora ni). Well...please bear with me since I'm so crazy about KJ drama especially the actors yang handsome itiewww. And since I'm attracted to those guys yang sepet mata, fair skin, tall, handsome, cute......yang penting chinese look lah bah.

Ok ok's the synopsis....waaaaargh jin Heon I love You..........

Her main passion and skills are in baking, as she does not have much of a social life, dreams of changing her name (Sam-Soon is considered a very old-fashioned and embarrassing name) and owning a shop of her own. After her breakup with her boyfriend, she managed to land herself in a big French restaurant working as a patiesseur for a rude and angsty 27-year-old man called Hyun Jin-Heon. Both were in bad terms ever since they set eyes on each other. But one day, Sam-Soon finds herself in need of 50 million won (Korean currency, approximately $50,000) to pay for her mother's house. She agrees to be Hyun Jin-Heon's girlfriend for that amount. During their pretend dating they slowly become more affectionate with each other. When things seem to go accordingly, Hyun Jin-Heon's ex-girlfriend, Yoo Hee-Jin, enters the scene and life for Sam-Soon starts getting much worse. Jin-heon then realizes that he is happier with Sam-Soon and can't stop thinking about her. He confesses his love to her after she tells him that she hates people who don't confess their feelings towards the person they like. Hee-Jin asks Jin-Heon to accompany her on her return to the United States. Sam-Soon allows him to go, and he does not return within the promised duration. He soon arrives, and they find out that he has been sending Justify Fullpostcards to the wrong address. Sam-Soon and Jin-Heon attempt to get her pregnant, in order to convince Jin-Heon's mother into allowing their marriage. The plan fails, but they remain together.

Near the very end of the series, Sam-Soon reads a poem from a poster on a bus stop: "Dance like no one's watching. Sing like no one's listening. Work like you don't need the money. Love like you've never been hurt before. Live like there's no tomorrow."

So in love with....arghhhhhhh

Arghhhh...I'm crazzzzzzzyyyy



Hang ni...betui2 sudah kemaruk cinta ngan lelaki ni... hihihi...

Aku pun ada beli CD gila!!! Mula2 watch kat tv ja...tapi syok sangat, I beli cd nya utk collections... (I suka tengok mama diaorang pukul 2 adik beradik pompuan tu... kahkahkah..kena sumpah jadi labu pun ada...kahkahkah)

Tapi ending dia tu...bagi suspen lagi...kawin terus laaaa...baru senang hati hihihihi...

Iya bah Cath lucu kan mamanya pukul si Sam Soon sama kakaknya tu hahaha.

Ada part2 yang lucu ada yang bikin sedih tp I really love this story, kesian bah sama si Sam Soon ni.