House Renovation
It's been a while since my last visit to the new house and currently under renovation, not big one lah only the kitchen area hehehe. So many things to be done and more kaching needed.

I need to find suitable drawing for the kitchen and I'm like aaaaaa .... blur lah apa lagi. I can't remember where I put all the kitchen's magazines and aaaargh where can I find reasonable price for kitchen cabinet...aiyoooo!

Well....some pictures taken while Asuk bergossip with the workers hehehe.

heehee nampak juga selipar jipun me tu ahaks

Nah...sesi mengumpat si Asuk and the workers


wonder where is this???hmmmm..kingfisher ka??

Ini rumah nak dibina atau rumah baru kena bomb :) :)

Ratna - hehehe somewhere in Penampang

Heariwan - hehehe baru dibom semalam hahaha