Gas Cooker
Salam and Hi y'all (^_^)

Been busy this lately even during my "bermalas-malasan" day.

Yesterday, me and Asuk went to Huat Ming for gas cooker hunting (kinda last minute lah) and found this Cornell's gas cooker which suitable BUT it was the only one more stock. Aiyoooo...susahlah mau cari.

I like the Aowa but Asuk said NO so have to follow lah lagipun membazir karan dia bilang. Hmmm...electrolux and cornell are the best so far lah but depend on $$$$.

So if any of you know where to buy the reasonable price for gas cooker (mau post picture internet slow lah pulak) somewhere around KK, please let me know ya. Some said Inanam is the best place to find the home thingy but I dont have the specific name.

Okay lah .... GTG (^_^)

p/s: malas me ni internet....slow mau mampus