Salam and hi y'all!

My classes started last week and bit late which I hated so much for every beginning of new semester and this semester will be tough compared to last semester.

This is me hahaha doing last minute reading.

All courses are like urmmmm....the point is I have to read lot of journals and books which sometime difficult for me to find a good one. I'm not a good student but I'm managed to maintain my grade above 3.00 every semester, only last semester was the one to blame but me hehehe.

Doing two things in one time are sometimes difficult but the main key is how you manage your time (^_^). I'm so lucky to have a good boss who really understand me so well (kadang2 teda kerja bah) hehehe. Well ... to tell you the truth, this is not an easy one, doing part-time study and also working. Really tiring but the satisfaction is there when you really into it.

Okay guys...GTG now


kerja sambil belajar? Wah best nyerrr...