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:minimo_20: I've tagged by Gisele, been a while not been tag by anyone hahaha so here goes:

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1. I love cooking (^_^). Well....it obvious cause you can find it in my blog hehehhe. I've only know how to cook very late, kinda embarrassing thou, in the age of 17 becoming to 18. My first dishes were fried eggs and rice. The first attempt was not so good but since I'm the only daughter in the family... my mom forced me to learn cooking!!!! Not that I a good cooker but I can cook whatever I want and still learning to make it perfect.

2. I love reading. Eventhough I don't have huge collection of books but I treasured it all. I can read books whole day doing nothing hahaha very bad huh!

3. I'm allergic to seafood but usually I broke the rules :puteh_1: by eating those tempting seafood and ended scratching all over my body.

4. I love coffee and can't live without it (sound pathetic) but due to my new healthy diet ( I guess), I have to reduce my lovely coffee....oh no!!!

5. I'm trying to loose my weight since it only inches to OBESITY .....:minimo_34:

6. I'm a part-time student and this new semester, I will do my very best, no more last minute preparation since my last semester's result was very bad but glad it still in 3.

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i love the little crying mouse :D