My weekend
Salam and hi everyone (^_^)

I'm blogging from my parents house hehehe balik kampung before my lecture started. It's always been good when me going back and visit my parents and the food is also good (there goes my diet) hehehe.

I can't upload any picture because I left behind the external connector ... bloody irritating so tomorrow will do. Let see what I've done this weekend.


0645am - left home to fectch Asuk at his house

0725am - arrived at Asuk's

0740am - breakfast at Milky Way, Lintas (I love this place and HALAL too)

0815am - Off we go to campus

0840am - went home after sent Asuk and wait for my bro

9:00am - arrived home and trus potato couch hahahahaha

1100am - went to my fav saloon for some hair trimming, lots of splits end (very the sayang but have to baby)

1230pm - me and my bro off we go to my hometown Kota Belud

1400pm till 2100pm - eat, watch tv and sleep


0630am - Tamu time with my mom and bro

0730am - went eat eat

1100am - prepared for lunch

1200pm - lunch

1300pm till 1700pm - read book, tv, raining and zzzzzzz

1800pm till now - took bath, dinner, blogging and waiting for Juara Lagu.