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Macam ndak nampak pulak kan...sorry tulisan kecik.

Got to do with your handwriting.

These are the rules.


1. Your name/ identification name/ username etc.

2. Write anything using either your left/ right hands

3. Most favorite alphabets

4. Less favorite alphabets

5. "The quick brown fox jump over the lazy dog"

6. Tag more 6 persons/ bloggers - 5 ja memandangkan yang lain pon sudah ditag hehehe


Woi...siap ada gula2 lagi tu!!! Utk saya lah tu hahahhaha...

hi..salam singgah...got here from kak red

Cath - itu gula2 mimang sa mo kasi ko tp jauh bah (^_^)

Misz_A - tq for visiting, will visit urs

eh how come it never occurred to me to place candy on my Tag ah hehehe good one la Kimora

Greg: hehehe