He fifth animal who arrived was the outspoken Dragon Chinese Horoscope the Dragon
Dragon Personality.

The Dragon is magnificent. He is flamboyant, attractive and full of vitality and strength. In China the Dragon is the imperial symbol, the sign of the emperor, or the male element Yang. The Dragon is the symbol of power and wealth.

It would be right to say that people born in the year of the dragon have a natural charisma and are certainly gifted with power and luck. It is unlikely for them to escape unnoticed from a party or to take a second place in a competition. The dragon person has an active mind and shows an unfeigned interest in the world around him/her. This person is also self-confident enough to know how to create a necessary impression. Because they are larger than life themselves, dragon people like to do everything on a grand scale. They are egoistical and ambitious, almost to the point of megalomania, and will stop at nothing to get what they want. Person born in this year wears the crown of destiny, and is capable of great achievements if he/she knows how to harness his/her tremendous energy, intelligence and talent. While these people enjoy being the centre of attention, they also have a brave and charitable side to their personality. If a dragon's friend faces a problem or dilemma he/she will be there to offer help, and when others leave the field of battle the dragon person makes a step forward to solve the problem with authority and dignity. These people set the high standard of actions for themselves as well as for other people and are surprised when others cannot cope with a task; they are so carried away by the process that fail to see other people's weaknesses.

The Chinese believe that there is a balance between heaven and earth in the life of people born in the year of the dragon, and successful follows them everywhere. Along with a good fortune, these people are also good organizers, who can step in at the right moment with an exciting or creative scheme. They can be quick-tempered and obstinate, and sometimes too outspoken, but there is usually good advice in their criticisms or suggestions. As a friend, person born in this year is often allows him/herself to be carried away by his/her needs to show everyone the way and neglects to solicit opinions and ideas from others. Yet no one could find a more devoted, open-hearted friend than this personality type. His/her vibrant, positive attitude is irreplaceable to have around and one can always count on him to support his friends unequivocally in times of need.

Dragon Love Affairs

These people are passionate, giving and totally partial when in love. They are blind to the faults of the loved ones and will shield the object of their affection against anyone or anything that could heart or threaten their love. Along with their inner power these people have an impressive presence and it is a usual thing for them to have a lot of admirers who are drawn by their charisma. On the contrary, the over-developed egos of dragons need constant attention and admiration from representative of opposite sex, and they will not hesitate to claim it if they feel they are not being sufficiently appreciated.

It is not difficult for dragon person to find romance, it is much more difficult for hi/her to settle down- there is often large quantity of love affairs take place at the same time in the dragon's life. The problem is that dragon person will soon be frustrated by emotional over-dependence or indecision, and will eventually set off in search of a new and exciting romance.

It is not a secret that these people treat love as a game at some point and it is rare for them to yearn for the past or harbor regrets. The situation is different when it comes to their ex-lovers who may carry a torch for the dragon lover long after the romance is over. It is very important to realize that people born in the year of dragon need a partner who would give them an opportunity to express themselves, someone who plays an active role but yet is not threatened by their irritable, stubborn and independent personality.

Dragon Career

A person born in the year of the dragon will be able to raise money for any venture and sound the trumpets far and wide. Being supported by a wide circle of friends he/she will selflessly work for the success of business.

It is in their nature to know how to gain respect, and being in charge or giving orders comes naturally; fortunately, most people accept their authority. It is important for them to have new challenges and freedom of movement. If they fell trapped by their career or they constantly have to follow other people's decisions, they would likely to pack their bags and leave.

They are high skilled specialists and have strong opinions on the planning and execution of projects. Their innate aggression and normal competitiveness may lead the whole business or even a company into dangerous waters, so it would be wise to hold the purse strings, tone down their expectations and unrestrained promotion as well as watch the legal aspects and exposure of the firm.

Managing director, Salesperson, Advertising executive, Barrister, Film producer, Prime minister or President, Photojournalist, Architect, Astronaut, Artist, Film star, War correspondent (bulih jadi pelakon pulak aku ni hahahahaha)

Lucky Numbers: 3, 4, 5, 6, 15, 21, 34, 35, 36, 45
Equivalent Western Sign: Aries
Element EARTH
Yin/Yang YIN

Some Famous Dragons: Jeffrey Archer, Michael Barrymore, Count Basie, Julie Christie, James Coburn, Bing Crosby, Neil Diamond, Matt Dillon, Placido Domingo, Kirk Douglas, Michael Douglas, Marlene Dietrich, Tom Jones, John Lennon, Nick Nolte, Al Pacino, Elaine Paige, Gregory Peck, Cliff Richard, Martin Sheen, Ringo Starr, Shirley Temple.

Compatible with : Rat, Monkey, Snake, Rooster, Tiger (nah asuk ko memang utk saya lah tu hahahha)
Less Compatible with : Dragon, Ox, Rabbit, Pig, Ram, Horse
Least Compatible with : Dog

Positive and Negative Capability
Positive: The Dragon can be vibrant, magnanimous, charismatic, principled, self-sufficient, discriminating, compelling, sentimental, accomplished, noble-hearted, healthy and prodigiously shrewd.

Negative: The Dragon can also be bombastic, dissatisfied, ruthless, demanding, opinionated, mawkish, egocentric, defensive, power-mad, foolhardy, wilful and pompous. (no comment hehehe)

Source: chinesezodiac

Yes ... am a dragon hahahahha, not that I'm totally believe it but just for fun. Well ... I'm not sure whether we have this chinese blood because my mom is DUSUN and my dad is IRRANUN so usually people will confuse whether I'm chinese or not due to my chinese look and fair skin hahhaha minta puji dulu. My mom pula ... every year will be asking her good friend to do the reading for all of us and she will call us then tit tut bla bla bla bla...

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