Quiz - The Beautiful Face
Been blog-hop the whole day (ketaralah bah kan keboringan) so found this interesting quizzes from Rahma's blog and me should try lah kan. Bah, tinguk ja lah resultnya.

Charlize Theron

36% Eyes, 43% Nose, 45% Mouth, 45% SexyCute

You seem to prefer that your women be hot rather than cute. Can't blame you for that. You also seem to find smaller or less prominent facial features appealing. Might you be a fan of Charlize Theron? If so, you're certainly not alone.

Similar: Nicole Kidman, Elisha Cuthbert

Nota: Ndak pula me tahu yang me boleh jadi SEKSA begini hahahaha.



^0^ wah...cantek...cantek...cantek...