Here I Am..
:girl_6: woke up early this lovely saturday's morning hehehe. Still in "mamai" me switched on TV and watched 15 minutes hahaha then headed to the bathroom for you know morning routines.

Today...will do some cleaning in the office (remember my 5S project?) so will go straight to the office and clean clean clean till drop hahaha. So here I am in my office not doing the cleaning but doing this bloody blogging thingy hehehe. Will do later because still waiting for sms from Illa which I will meet today. Ndakkan mau jumpa orang dengan berbau2 ni hahahaha.

Bah ... better me start moving small things dulu otherwise me ended doing nothing. Will blog again in short time hehehe.


owwhh kesian kamu tgu saya bg sms lambat..jadi awak buat kerja lambat la sbb saya dtg lambat...but i saw ur car behind mine.u blk umah eyhh hihhiihhi...sorry sayee dh buat kerja awak tertangguhh

hehehe nolah sya pegi tapau lunch ja kat kingfisher, it's ok ada jg buat keja2 tu tp shredding papers ja (^_^)