Cocktail Dinner @ Penang Village 1B
Last wednesday, we were having this cocktail dinner at Penang Village, 1Borneo in conjunction of International Capacity Development Program: Seminar & Proposal-Writing Workshop for Marine-Related Institutions hosted by the IOC/UNESCO.

The foods were marvellous and the best part is they closed all sections only for us except for the owner's family section lah. So ... enjoy the pictures.


Aimi and Farah

love the chadelier, vintage bah

My choice: prawn, vege, blackpepper beef and fried manuk hahahaha

Got other pictures but the uploading process is very slow mau mati, may be later lah or hopefully Aimi already upload some pictures in her blog.

Happy weekend guys!


amboii cepat update yerk!! internet di cancelori lagi laa slownya. Sudah siap typing, bila mau upload gambar, x dapat. CISSSSS !!!!