:puteh_2:Assalamualaikum dan selamat pagi semua :puteh_19:

Remember my post on friday? Ya........hehehehe me and Ching found the best among the best article ever and saved our day toooo...mind me for being so happy hehehee. All the kesabaran during the process of hunting for the article was paid when our group presented the article's analysis very well (me guessed lah cause me like ummm speechless hehehe) and got high score for it hehehehhe. Soooooooooooooo happy until me forgot how to do the statistic exercises when all the formula gone with the wind hehehehe (sorry guys...me the one who's eager to finish all the exercises then end-up with chit-chatting hehehehe).

Actually me and Ching stayed back after the class and buka puasa thingy. It took us approximately four hours to find the suitable article. Me hampir lagi give up ni but Ching was like " tidak apa kita cari lagi...jumpa juga tu", the time was 2130 pm and my eyes like garfield (ya ya ya....).

Well....usaha tangga kejayaan right? So we did it again hehehe...bah me mo sambung keja dulu ya, nanti sambung lagi.