Salam and hi y'all!

Been away from blogging (hehehe not that far lah) for few days and my mind become as blank as a piece of white A4 paper. Not that I'm totally out of ideas or photos but......see I even don't know how to explain it to pathetic!

Probably .... still in the mood of HOLIDAY I guessed since I didn't take any extra leave after CNY as I want it sooooo badly (my annual leave is very precious for the time being so have to plan it no no I'm not getting married...yet :p .... okay!)

Tomorrow ... a small farewell party for our staff, Aminah, who will leaving us and start new day at QEH. As always, I've been asked to buy something for farewell gift and I don't have any good idea. Called Asuk for his opinion since he's expert on this (sila lah kembang) and pot pet pot pet...end up with hehehe dragging him for gift hunting this afternoon.

Hahaha.....okay got to go now.... (^_^)