I'm a big fan of Little Black Dress's collection, I got more than 10 (so far lah...will added more teeheee). Here's some of the books.

I've finished reading this book, love it.


Ever since Samantha's husband ran out on her and their kids she's been working to clear the humungous debt he left behind, so its time she had a lucky break. What she's not expecting is for that break to be Jack Tolliver, former governor of Indian and the biggest womaniser in the state. He's running for the senate and needs a nice, respectable woma by his handsome side to help clean up his image.

So Sam accepts a bizarre business proposal - a fake engagement. All she has to do is play happy families until Jack's elected and then she'll get a big fat cheque and lifestyle to die for. It's simple. Until, that is, the kiss occurs. That knee-trembling, electric kiss that Sam and Jack share. But that's just for show...right?

Currently reading hehehe


Jill is a magazine that's a cut above the rest - cool, cutting-edge and just the thing to be seen reading in glamorous Manhattan. And that's just the way its founder, Jill White, wants it to stay. But Jill's new boss, the blonde, bland, ruthless Ellen Cutter, wants to fill the magazine with ads, fluffy intervies and super-skinny models. And if Jill refuses to sell her soul, Ellen will make sure she falls right out of fashion and straight into the dole queue....

New addition


Sisters Marilyn and Liesel have always been close but, living in their tiny London flat, with Marilyn's five-year-old son, Alex to look after, they are getting too close for comfort. Until they find out Alex has inherited a hotel in Cornwall, that is! The will has just one condition: they must agree to run it for a season first. How hard can it be? But with bickering staff, eccentric guests and an insane, hypochondriac dog called Godrich to look after it's not quite the plain sailing they imagined. Not to mention the gorgeous local vet upsetting Liesel's focus...

as what it's says....pick up a little black dress, it's a girl thing.