Yes...I'm finally here in my hometown, Kota Belud. Mostly Sabahan will know where it is hehehe. Will post about it later.

It took me about almost an hour lah from my place to reach my hometown. On my way, there's something that bring all the memories, the good one. How I missed the old days....

it's so nice to see the paddy field

nice view

But this is not my place, this was taken at Kg. Kelawat, I stopped my car just to the enjoy the view and of course lah take pictures hehehe. Still remember back then we used to have the paddy field at my late grandpa's home. Played with the mud, tried to catch fish in the small drain, cried all loud and run-forrest-run hehehe when saw the leeches were happily sucking my feet...yeah it's all been very unforgetable memories of childhood.

Honestly, pond of tears are heavily load in my eyes now, anytime will burst out, I missed my ninik (grandpa) and ina' (grandma). I've been the spoilt brat but they both loved me and will protect me even from my mom hehehehe.